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Here are shots I took from my dragtastic weekend at Glastonbury 2019. With a year off, everyone was GAGGING for it this time and the hot tropical heat wave left everyone with tan lines, zero mud damage and spirits high enough to handle the comedown. The miracle of sun shine.

With a focus on doing more than seeing I did a lot... Arriving Thursday night, I performed my full live set on the main stage in the UnfairGrounds, DJ’d for My Bad Sisters live show twice, performed Surf Dancer and myself’s new hit single Good Girls Don’t Make History in the NYC Downlow and otherwise go-go danced till dawn every night also in the Downlow. The highlight of my weekend however, was DJing ping pong styles with my great pal Gusburger aka DREEMS in Maceos Saturday afternoon. WHAT A TIME! I have performed at Glastonbury the last eight years in a row and this year was my favourite dream-team to dance and cause havoc alongside. Our Block 9 crew were a bunch of pro’s turning out the lewks each night. I was PROUD innit!!


Love Infinity

This weekend I was part of a film called LOVE INFINITY directed by Oscar & BAFTA award winner extraordinaire Tim Yip in which I played myself and performed Slimy Bitchin live. The film is a mirror reflecting the East London scene and features London’s most extravagantly self styled unique artists like Vivienne Westwood, Andrew Logan, Gilbert and George, Jonny Woo, Sue Kreitzman & Daniel Lismore to name a few

It’s so great to have so many weird and wonderful personalities captured in this iconic way. I am very much looking forward to seeing the result!

East End London RULES!!!!!!!

Enjoy our savage looks. I am wearing Nathan French designs



So I decided to interview my long time creative sistas Polly and Sophie who make up the super twin badass duo MY BAD SISTER!

They have a SICK new release out today and we are joining forces and performing together TONIGHT in Berlin! CLICK HERE for further details!

What are the things you love the most and the things that annoy you about each other?
Polly: I love her tune selection but I hate most of her boyfriends.

Sophie: I love her styling (garms) but I hate it when she bosses me around

What is your favourite story from touring with the Pet Shop Boys? 

Polly: Falling off the front of the stage in NYC one minute we were there, next minute we were gone!

Sophie: Pharrell Williams walked into our dressing room before a gig in Canada and started thanking us for being a true inspiration to him. He didn’t realise we were just the backing dancers. We laughed and kindly told him that we’d pass on the message to the Pet Shop Boys. PS he is very short and very sexy.

If you could have any outfits made with no limit on budget, what would they be?

We’d have trainers hats and a two piece tracksuit made out of 24carat Gold and white gold (silver colour)

I know this is a hard question but tell us ONE of your top five naughtiest things you’ve ever done…?!

We were at a festival in Germany and while drunk we thought it would be a good idea to steal a car and drive it around. We nearly took out some people! We got caught shortly after that and the security tried to chuck us off site but we were performing that night so we got away with it ;)

I know you toured with Take That a few years ago. Who was your favourite member in the flesh and why?

Robbie Williams. He is funny AF spoke to everyone backstage and is an absolute star on stage. 

Tell us something special about this new release

This is the 3rd video release from our latest album Resist Against Violent Enterprise. We are excited for this release as its one of our favourite tracks from the album and is about being an everyday Warrior.

thumbnail_Ocean final 1 copy.jpg
thumbnail_park final 1 copy.jpg

Images by Emma Joanne.  Styled by Celia Arias. Hair by Yemi. Makeup by Aga


My extremely talented extraterrestrial friend Mikey Woodbridge has a New Release called SPECIES which is OUT NOW!
I don't usually say the word "need" BUUUTTTTT in this case... You NEEEEEEEED to check it out!! 
It takes EVERYTHING they have been creating to a whole new level and beyond

I am super inspired by MIKEY.'s vision. It is STRONG and CLEAR! 

Here we are together with Karma She in my new video for Wild Woman which will be out soon so stay tuned........... we all have so many exciting projects soon to be released into the world!


River Stage takeover

The queer takeover by my favourite space in London: The Glory at the National Theatre was  once again SENSATIONAL! 

This is why I love London so much... The city supports and encourages outrageous fabulous behaviour. I did all the things over the weekend... Including stage managing, performing and tech-ing. Big ups to John Sizzle & Jonny Woo for making this event happen. LOVE YOU ALL

Here are some pictures from the extravaganza...


+++ it was a fem takeover playing at THE GLORY after party with my queen Georgie Bee



Fusion 2018 was once again A HIT! One of my favourite gigs so far this year. The vibe was HEAVING & everyone was FEELING IT in my DJ set and live. I went back to back with My Bad Sister and together we created something special in the Cabaret Hanger. Vibe +++++++

I had so much fun that I lost my voice for a whole week!

Below are a few pictures I captured from the weekend in the dust.....


Above image captured by Claudia Brijbag (the rest are mine)



Celebrating colour, fem power, freedom and freaky dancing... food for MY soul!!!!!

This year, I curated and hosted some of my FAVOURITE parties to date, and some of the BEST parties I have ever been to! 

The vibes at my cosmic queer gatherings this year have been next level. I am genuinely surprised, touched and grateful each time at the responsiveness and excitement people bring with them. My favourites this year were PUSSY POWER, COSMIC QUEERS & my most recent GAFF'S GAFF party... all Berlin Parties, kickin/killin it Berlin!  Some seriously creative beings performed and shared musical journeys that blew me away! Human gatherings like these are so important, we gotta get together, dance, be creative and remember we are all animals. My face is always beaming and full of love each time. I feel so privileged to be connected with so many inspiring beings. 


Here are images that capsulate the essence of these events taken on my camera...


+++ below images are from PUSSY POWER, captured by Pollux




Queer music extravaganza in ya face Berlin starring three live shows direct from the NYC club scene featuring club kid queen Dorian ElectraWeston Allen & Mood Killer plus hip hop witch KARMA SHE & ME!
Hosted by real life celebrity Jimay FalconCOSMIC QUEERS is a fantastical party full of fun, quality live performances and dancing to cosmic jams set to be held THIS THURSDAY in the infamous venue: Monster Ronsons. Celebrating love, light and LIFE! Cosmic queers is a sacred space where you can express yourself however you desire. Experience cosmic realness and get involved. 
Remember to dress UP not down!


If you have not heard of Dorian Electra yet... GET WITH THE TIMES, DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND WATCH THEIR NEXT LEVEL TASTY VISUALS... This mega lineup is not to be missed!




As I sit here listening to the live recording from Albion Venable's set at Camp Cosmic this year for the umpteenth time, I find myself having flashing backs to the glorious festivities on a continual basis, even one month later since the unforgettable gathering took place. 

This year I wanted to bring colour and queerness in abundance to the already stellar lineup so I asked some of my brilliant performance artist friends residing in Berlin at the time to join together to form the cabaret show: THIS IS NOT A CULT. We performed this variety show twice over the weekend and it felt right to bring a glitzy performance element to the party. 

On Sunday, I performed live and DJ’d directly after on the Mond Stage. It was to date, my favourite set of all time. In the nine years I have been performing my Gaff-E show, I have never felt so connected with the crowd. The vibe was next level and I felt like I was channelling the good joo-joo Sacha Mambo and friends had transferred to me the night before combined with inner goddess powers upon the crowd who needed that extra kick for the final night. I was on top of the speakers dancing bare breasted, hypnotised by the epic sunset in front of me with the biggest smile. 

There was a dance floor moment later that night when I transformed into a psychedelic lizard queen while Albion was playing where a part of my throat opened up to release a sound that I can best describe as a noise a cheetah warrior woman transcended direct from deep in the jungle would make. Fortunately, I am still able to make this sound so I have been doing it in my live shows ever since. Friends who were in the tent with me sweating it out, described me as Albion’s personal Snake Charmer. This made me laugh cause I totally knew what they meant. It was like his music had possessed me and I was the centre of a shamanic ritual. When we exited the tent Monday morning after HOURS of dancing, I felt cleansed and reset. So much healing had taken place. I felt ALIVE! As I was appreciating just how good I felt, I looked into the distance to discover a magnificent tree dancing in the wind all lit up and full of life as LIGHTENING BOLTS surrounded it. Talk about COSMIC ENERGY…!

Being part of real magic like this is an utter privilege and I am so thankful to have these cosmic souls in my life. I can not toot the horn for Camp Cosmic enough. I wish all festivities were like this. The world needs this music for deep healing to begin... 

I am a WILD WOMAN and this Feral Cat is happy and content. Thank you to all souls involved. Every single body added something special to creating Camp Cosmic. Until next year…….  STAY FREAKY!

(this shot of Albion and myself was taken at Wet Delights - a Camp Cosmic reunion from last weekend!)

(this shot of Albion and myself was taken at Wet Delights - a Camp Cosmic reunion from last weekend!)



This year was the BEST GLASTONBURY YET!!

I feel privileged to have been part of the magic of the NYC Downlow seven years IN A ROW!

A disco utopia FULL of love, sweat and forty something sensational drag queens. I cried twice on the dance-floor on separate occasions because I was so happy. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!! 

In all my travels, I have never witnessed such a big queer family gathering. Block 9 is truly unique. The vibe is OUT OF THIS WORLD. It is a place where you can be whatever you want with full freedom to express yourself regardless of gender and be appreciated in doing so. I am still buzzing off the experience. Nothing is forever (as much as those involved would love to live there on a permanent basis!) so these are times we will cherish always. My DJ sets both at Maceo's and in the Sisterhood (the new all-fem space) went off. I loved that all the wild women got completely naked and were hugging each other, dancing freely. This was a powerful moment to watch and of course I got involved (any excuse to strip!)

Big ups to Lottie Croucher and Chester Hayes for being our dance leaders, mama Jonny Woo for being our main inspiration and fire, the Grizzle sisters A Man To Pet & John Sizzle for making unforgettable appearances and of course Gideön Berger for making the whole extravaganza happen!!  Highlights for me in the Downlow music wise were Luke Howard, Greg Belson, James Hillard and HUNEE. I am and will always be... YOUR DISCO QUEEN! 

Here are moments I captured over the weekend. Mega spanks to everyone involved!



Pussy Power was a powerful night I am pleased to say I curated in protest of the lack of female presence in the current nightlife of Berlin. My heart is full of love and I feel privileged to have shared the stage with so many inspirational feline artists from all over the world including Valerie Renay, MoonageAnto Christ, Poppy CoxElectric Evelyn, T-Pow! from the superstar duo The Wau Wau Sisters and myself showcasing a wide range of performance genres; from comedy burlesque,  to punk new wave action to live intergalactic space hip hop vibes and general BADASSERY!. The crowd was GORGEOUS and I am touched by the amount of support the gathering received and impressed by so many that took it upon themselves to truly express themselves visually on the night. I LOVED Urban Spree as a venue to showcase the nights talent. Having a nice big stage with excellent lighting and tech makes a HUGE difference to the experience for EVERYONE! 

It should be mentioned that I was sexually assaulted towards the end of the night after the security left. Our safe space was invaded by people who were not there for our party and did not pay and were mostly young aggressive males. One of the men who took it upon himself to get his hard penis out and rub it against me. This angered and upset me deeply as it is everything I am fighting against. The special safe space I had worked so hard to create was spoiled by an entitled sleazy male energy who DID NOT read the vibe. I cannot express enough why this makes nights like Pussy Power so important. We need to gather and appreciate fem energy TOGETHER and not take advantage and objectify our freedom of self-expression. Safe spaces and dance floors are important to protect and nuture. I guarantee the next Pussy Power party will be a safe space the entire night. 

PUSSY POWER will be back soon and will feature sex clown goddess BETTY GRUMBLE potentially on the 27th July so SAVE THE DATE just incase… This is just THE BEGINNING of something new!


New Release - I'M HERE RIGHT NOW

I am super excited to announce that the second release I'M HERE RIGHT NOW from my new album GET REAL with remix by living club legend Tiago Miranda are out and available NOW on Bandcamp!

The new release features my long time collaborators My Bad Sister. The video is super future 80’s vibe and was a hoot to make. 
I don’t know about you but I’m sick of people being on their machines at parties! This is my message to people who are on their smart phones at a gig…

Tuttii Fruittii London, TechniKolor Hair Sculptors

Colourful feline London based club kids Tuttii Fruittii & Toni Tits are proud to present their 2k17 AW Lookbook video celebrating IDENTITY PRIDE and HAIR FORCE which features My Bad Sister.

ENTER into Deptford's Underground Street Warrior Squad ✊🏽🌚✊🏽

Featuring Tuttii Fruittii London, TechniKolor Hair Sculptors, Braid Skills by @HairbyJoel / @ayymos and Make-Up Visions by @candykonklondon aka. Toni Tits and Tuttii Fruittii assisted by Amber Mcquillen.

I ran into the duo in the looks featured below in my first days back in London last year killing it on the streets of dirty Deptford.

Strong looks and talented hair sculpting. Book into their new salon for fresh neon styles the sooner the better! 


Image below is taken from a shoot I did with Tuttii Fruittii and Stefy Pocket back in the day!


CAMP QUEEN at Secret Garden Festival was A HOOT! It was like being at Glastonbury in the NYC Downlow but on the other side of the planet. I adored WERKing with a stellar cast of some of Australia's finest queer performers and appreciated the time and effort that went into creating such a special space in a sea of normcore.

A highlight for me was when Aaron Manhattan put on her headset and hosted a George Michael tribute on the main stage with all of us back up dancing clip-clopping around teaching the crowd some camped-up choreography. The whole event for me was one big twerkathon. A platform for ultimate freedom and self-expression. Here is some footage from my live performance and some photos I captured from my time there… Enjoy!


I can't have imagined a better way to enter the new year! I feel privileged to be part of such an amazing, caring and loving community who embrace me every time I return...

What a gorgeous time I've had in Sydney over New Years. It began with my great friends Gusburger aka Dreems and Thomas Von Party dancing, eating salads and creating together in their temporary studio located in the jungle over looking Parsley Bay. Then New Years evening itself I was graced with the presence of my dear freaky friends Aaron Manhattan, Betty Grumble, Joe Pol, Matt Format and Beau Kirq who make up the super troop collective GANG OF SHE at my favourite bar in Sydney The Bearded Tit followed later in the night by me DJing and performing at the Heaps Gay NYE bash at the Imperial Hotel. I had so much fun connecting and playing with the crowd in amongst a sea of disco, encouraging them to get naked with me. New Years Day entailed me DJing at a shit-hot new party called Stranded Sundays at the Newtown Hotel and then last but not least… Club KOOKY where I did a live performance with my soul sista Betty Grumble! 

I came home last night with a body full of pain from giving it my all. Kooky left my heart feeling totally full to the brim of pure love. So many free beauties dancing the night away expressing themselves in ultimate form. 

Here are some photos from those 24 hours… HAPPY NEW YEAR!