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So I decided to interview my long time creative sistas Polly and Sophie who make up the super twin badass duo MY BAD SISTER!

They have a SICK new release out today and we are joining forces and performing together TONIGHT in Berlin! CLICK HERE for further details!

What are the things you love the most and the things that annoy you about each other?
Polly: I love her tune selection but I hate most of her boyfriends.

Sophie: I love her styling (garms) but I hate it when she bosses me around

What is your favourite story from touring with the Pet Shop Boys? 

Polly: Falling off the front of the stage in NYC one minute we were there, next minute we were gone!

Sophie: Pharrell Williams walked into our dressing room before a gig in Canada and started thanking us for being a true inspiration to him. He didn’t realise we were just the backing dancers. We laughed and kindly told him that we’d pass on the message to the Pet Shop Boys. PS he is very short and very sexy.

If you could have any outfits made with no limit on budget, what would they be?

We’d have trainers hats and a two piece tracksuit made out of 24carat Gold and white gold (silver colour)

I know this is a hard question but tell us ONE of your top five naughtiest things you’ve ever done…?!

We were at a festival in Germany and while drunk we thought it would be a good idea to steal a car and drive it around. We nearly took out some people! We got caught shortly after that and the security tried to chuck us off site but we were performing that night so we got away with it ;)

I know you toured with Take That a few years ago. Who was your favourite member in the flesh and why?

Robbie Williams. He is funny AF spoke to everyone backstage and is an absolute star on stage. 

Tell us something special about this new release

This is the 3rd video release from our latest album Resist Against Violent Enterprise. We are excited for this release as its one of our favourite tracks from the album and is about being an everyday Warrior.

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Images by Emma Joanne.  Styled by Celia Arias. Hair by Yemi. Makeup by Aga