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This year was the BEST GLASTONBURY YET!!

I feel privileged to have been part of the magic of the NYC Downlow seven years IN A ROW!

A disco utopia FULL of love, sweat and forty something sensational drag queens. I cried twice on the dance-floor on separate occasions because I was so happy. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!! 

In all my travels, I have never witnessed such a big queer family gathering. Block 9 is truly unique. The vibe is OUT OF THIS WORLD. It is a place where you can be whatever you want with full freedom to express yourself regardless of gender and be appreciated in doing so. I am still buzzing off the experience. Nothing is forever (as much as those involved would love to live there on a permanent basis!) so these are times we will cherish always. My DJ sets both at Maceo's and in the Sisterhood (the new all-fem space) went off. I loved that all the wild women got completely naked and were hugging each other, dancing freely. This was a powerful moment to watch and of course I got involved (any excuse to strip!)

Big ups to Lottie Croucher and Chester Hayes for being our dance leaders, mama Jonny Woo for being our main inspiration and fire, the Grizzle sisters A Man To Pet & John Sizzle for making unforgettable appearances and of course Gideön Berger for making the whole extravaganza happen!!  Highlights for me in the Downlow music wise were Luke Howard, Greg Belson, James Hillard and HUNEE. I am and will always be... YOUR DISCO QUEEN! 

Here are moments I captured over the weekend. Mega spanks to everyone involved!