A unique artist, psychedelic butterfly Gaff E brings bold individuality and vibrant colour to every stage she sets foot, and every camera that captures her original style.

Gaff E’s passion for challenges and collaborative projects has cast her on a continuous international tour of creativity – DJing, modeling, styling, performing, dancing, directing, and producing music.

Classically trained as a pianist, violist, and saxophonist, today Gaff E expresses her musical talent through DJing (playing disco, italo, funk and soul), self-directed music videos, performances with her band MEGA Ω MEGA, and the MC Gaff E show which blends musical wit with high energy athleticism for a truly unforgettable entertainment experience.

Gaff E has DJ’d and performed around the world; supported superstars like Peaches & Charli XCX, played festivals; Glastonbury & Lovebox (UK), Burning Man (USA), Mysteryland & Valtifest (NL) and Big Day OutRainbow Serpent (AUS). She has also DJ’d at Le Baron in NYC and Paris, Dalston Supersore and Sink The Pink in London.

As a performer, Gaff E has made her mark on stage at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, headlined Festival de la Cité in Lausanne, Fancy Him in Tokyo, supported Christeene in Sydney and Geneva Jacuzzi in Moscow.

As a producer, Gaff E has collaborated with cosmic luminaries Thomas Bullock (Rub n Tug), Mickey Moonlight, Kid Kenobi, Drugmoney, Edu K, and Jamie Cruisey.

Gaff E has modelled on the catwalks and performed shows at New York City Fashion Week for Susanne Bartsch, London Fashion Week for Bas Kosters and Sydney Fashion Week for Desert Designs. She has also collaborated with fashion designers; Nathan French, Rubbish FairyAlex Noble, Perks and Mini/P.A.M, Carley Hague, Katie Jones, Shara Hayz, and Isolated Heroes.

Gaff E’s onstage and on-camera fashion creations are self-styled with her own art direction, translating into unconventional styling for her clients and stunning shop window displays.

Inspired by colourful artists, traditional global textiles, exotic lands, tribes, and jungle animals, Gaff E is always cloaked in wild colours and creating art in her mind. Gaff E lives and breathes by the Frank Zappa philosophy “A mind is a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” The depth and breadth of her performance portfolio is evidence of how strongly this belief shapes her art.

Gaff E thrives on sharing luscious performances and cosmic music to connect people with their individuality and freedom with a supreme and individual sense of style and fashion, she s ever-evolving and on the edge – using the dress-how-you-feel mantra.

Gaff E will be releasing her new album soon and taking one of her new shows to Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringe festivals – COWABUNGA!

Unapologetic in her bodily animal energy, Gaff E is as infamous as she is dedicated to colour and female vibrance. Unparalleled in her shape shifting collaborative energy, she is a dream artist and generator of surreal, potent art – Betty Grumble 

“Watching her perform is like being transported to some freakishly queer and bizarre, deranged, dream-like world of hallucinogenic animals, sequins, eyebrow raising, vertical pelvic thrusts and a never-ending magic trunk of mad outfits combined with even madder songs. Not to be missed” – Britt Foe – Cult Mountain
“Like Salvador Dali & Sylvester’s love child shelved some acid, ate a packet of rainbow coloured crayons and then puked into a vocoder machine…… I laughed so hard I couldn’t vomit!” – Tim Levy – Photodoco