Gaff E

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Four years ago my great disco loving friend Marcus King recommended a festival his pal Albion Venables had started located in a Swedish forest… I have now performed and DJ-ed at Camp Cosmic for the last four years holding the experiences close to my heart.

I have never seen another festival like it. It is small, special and FULL of magic where you can find the best music you can hear on planet Earth! You can find a blend of obscure cosmic disco and rare sounds from every genre along with many live analogue performances. Artists come from all over the globe to share their collections. The Camp Cosmic family is strong and the core who play have been there since the beginning. I danced day and night and my goodness did it feel good!

I am so thankful to Albion and all those who help putting something so beautiful together. It is rare and it is to be commended.

Here are some photos I took from my time there this year… Enjoy!