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For the last six years, I have danced and performed in the only gay venue at Glastonbury at a weird and wonderful queertastic space set in the 1980's in New York City called the NYC Downlow in Block 9. It was a pure delight to be able to grind, twerk and twirl to the soulful sounds of Horse Meat Disco and friends along side some of the greatest living drag queens: Jonny Woo, Aaron Manhattan, Olympia Bukkakis, Lucy Fizz, Jacqui PotatoGinger Johnson +++ co 

This year was more intense than others for a number of reasons. Firstly being the mud. I have never seen anything like it… One night when I attempted to be a punter for a second and got stuck in a herd of munters, I heard the security yelling out - "Hold onto each other, look after one another..."

I also was going through the realisation of what the result of the referendum could mean on the outside world and trying to come to terms with the loss of two friends in two weeks. One to cancer and the other took his life two days before Glastonbury started. 

I needed to start the healing process but wasn't sure how… I had an overwhelming experience when I watched my strong sistas My Bad Sister take to the stage and smash it on the Hell Stage. I cried the whole time feeling their strength and what they were going through in their personal lives. I then had to go "werk" in the Downlow. I found it tough at first because I had an energy I had not felt before… It was so strong and I needed disco, not deep house. I felt the dark energy  transform into something great as my prayers were answered when The Black Madonna arrived on the decks and played one of the most amazing sets I've ever heard. I danced my blood sweat and tears away and made love to that dance floor with many thanks to my great friend Lottie who was really there for me that night. The healing had begun… 

The following night I performed in the female only space called the Sisterhood at 2.30am. I was feeling the strongest I had ever felt up until this point and was ready for the release. I dedicated the show to my badass friends My Bad Sister and began the show in a mask, semi-clothed only to accidentally remove my weave on song one, declare the power of the space by performing completely naked for the first time and twerked in the mud. I yelled WE ARE STRONG AND WE ARE WOMEN during Lizard Tits as I pulled my tampon out!!

I have never felt so raw. It is a Glastonbury I will never forget. 
A deep and powerful experience I will take to the grave…
Here are some pictures I took over the weekend. Feel free to share them. 
As artists, we are lucky to be able to create our own realities...
Sending pure love into the universe. Stay real and true
Love Gaff E