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This last weekend gone, The Glory held a ground-breaking event that went for three whole days at the National Theatre in London hosted by Jonny Woo and John Sizzle. I was involved on the Sunday performing, life modelling and dancing with drag icons Aaron Manhattan and Jonny Woo. It was a free event with an abundance of nudity, absurdness and raw talent and I could tell most the public had never seen anything like it!

The stage was hosted by my favourite London space - The Glory and had an all star lineup of every living east end alternative drag queen and king. It was something special I am happy I flew to London to be part of. Who would have thought something so outrageously queer could happen in such a prestigious space! 

I have to say my favourite moment was when Aaron Manhattan leapt from the stage and gently picked up a well groomed poodle and started dancing with her followed by a catwalk along the bottom of the stage. In my eyes, it was a priceless moment in drag history! The best thing was, the dog was into it. I'm a big time animal lover and it was beautiful to watch how Aaron pulled it off giving the dog love and affection while styling it out in front of a hundreds of people. Ten out of ten!

A happening like this is so important right now in these dark times. It was amazing to see so many people come together to celebrate gay and drag culture. I kept thinking, this is just too good to be true!! 

Here are some photos and a video I captured of the finale of the extravaganza starring Le Gateau Chocolat & Jonny Woo with their hit show - A Night at the Musicals…!