Gaff E

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I can't have imagined a better way to enter the new year! I feel privileged to be part of such an amazing, caring and loving community who embrace me every time I return...

What a gorgeous time I've had in Sydney over New Years. It began with my great friends Gusburger aka Dreems and Thomas Von Party dancing, eating salads and creating together in their temporary studio located in the jungle over looking Parsley Bay. Then New Years evening itself I was graced with the presence of my dear freaky friends Aaron Manhattan, Betty Grumble, Joe Pol, Matt Format and Beau Kirq who make up the super troop collective GANG OF SHE at my favourite bar in Sydney The Bearded Tit followed later in the night by me DJing and performing at the Heaps Gay NYE bash at the Imperial Hotel. I had so much fun connecting and playing with the crowd in amongst a sea of disco, encouraging them to get naked with me. New Years Day entailed me DJing at a shit-hot new party called Stranded Sundays at the Newtown Hotel and then last but not least… Club KOOKY where I did a live performance with my soul sista Betty Grumble! 

I came home last night with a body full of pain from giving it my all. Kooky left my heart feeling totally full to the brim of pure love. So many free beauties dancing the night away expressing themselves in ultimate form. 

Here are some photos from those 24 hours… HAPPY NEW YEAR!