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Un-Royal Hackney Empire EXTRAVAGANZA

A much needed celebration of freedom, creativity, alternative cabaret and the thriving London queer scene!

On the evening of 4th November, a special event called the UN-ROYAL VARIETY took place at the gorgeous theatre; Hackney Empire. An extravaganza FULL of London's finest performers including Lords of Strut, Le Gateau Chocolat, Peter & BambiBourgeois & Maurice, Maude Adams and All Those Children and many more! The highlights for me were duchess Diane Chorley and the Prince Harry chem-sesh and my favourite part to be involved in was as a naked lizard slithering around to Blondie's Rapture with Princess Diana played by Black Gold Buffalo front woman - Keziah. 

I feel privileged to be part of such an incredible event. It has been seven years since I first met and joined forces with Jonny Woo and he continues to be a shining beacon of light who inspires me on a daily basis. I was beaming with love proud as punch come the finale of David Bowie's- Heroes sung live on stage with all the stars of the night.  

Our east-end London queer community stands strong and the Un-Royal Variety is a great example of how life can be if we all support, create and love one another. 

Evenings like these are more important than ever before to celebrate the freedom that we DO have. Below are some pictures I took mostly backstage on the night… Enjoy!