I present to you an edit I made of one of my favourite shows I did this year at Festival de la Cité in Lausanne with my sistas My Bad Sister & Andrea Noce which includes unreleased tracks from my new album. Enjoy!



Earlier this year, I modelled with my sis Betty Grumble for our favourite accessories designer Doodad & Fandango

Legendary photographer Elvis Di Fazio shot it, Mat Hornby did our 60’s style makeup and while we were at it, we made a short film in my all time favourite looks!!

I hope to do this performance live with Betty when I return to Australia for the summer…


Harry Clayton-Wright

Harry Clayton-Wright is pure genius. His existence on this planet should be celebrated twenty-four hours every day of the week by all living creatures!

I had the pleasure of meeting Harry in the flesh at the beginning of Edinburgh Fringe this year. I love everything about him. Especially his art, dance shapes and style.

Speaking of his art, check out Harry’s new video WE HEART BLACKPOOL. It’s sooooooooo goooooooooood!

I look forward to creating with him in the not so distant future…




In between the chaos of touring this summer. Last week, I returned to my current home base – Berlin – to install a window display at my favourite space – SAMEHEADS

I started making my face pieces earlier this year when I moved to Berlin and was removed from Facebook over the “real name” saga

The installation is called FACELESS and will be in the window for the next two months

Pop by if you’re passing by…!

IMG_9575 IMG_9603 IMG_9606 IMG_9614 image-30 image-29IMG_9580


Camp Cosmic 2015

imageBack in London after another surreal experience in Sweden on an island called Gotland at the special festival that is Camp Cosmic

What an amazing time… Double in size this year with 600 people in total, it was as wonderful as ever

I feel privileged to have been part of it three years in a row now watching it evolve and blossom dancing to an array of my favourite musical genres non stop all weekend

Below are some shots I took of the magic that took place…



Super stylin’ twin duo MY BAD SISTER have nailed it once again with their new music video for TWO TEARS

True 90’s vibes. They make me proud every time! Inspiration +++

Xray Doll_My Bad Sister_Chrissie Hall



I am proud to say this year was my sixth year in the disco wonderland that is the NYC Downlow in Block 9

Quality time was spent performing and creating magic with many colourful beauties

I present to you some moments and classy looks I captured this year at Glastonbury 2015…

IMG_8724 IMG_8732IMG_8747 IMG_8740 IMG_8735 IMG_8699 IMG_8727IMG_8756 IMG_8791 IMG_8795 IMG_8797 IMG_8799 IMG_8816 IMG_8828

IMG_8749 IMG_8832 IMG_8833 IMG_8838 IMG_8847 IMG_8853 IMG_8856 IMG_8863 IMG_8872 IMG_8876

Fresh videos from Adanowsky


I am in love with these two videos from ADANOWSKY‘s new album – ADA (out now)

He is rocking two solid looks I adore and styling it out in every way with so much beautiful imagery…

I look forward to creating together this year in Paris!

10624980_525568434253225_3130857766139496667_n 1506594_10152511690988304_8810452195944101180_n 10007235_10152416103088304_5195150292458507081_n



Space Girls – SKIP&DIE

Cosmic superstars Skip&DIE are at it again with their super fresh new hit and video – SPACE GIRLS!

Entranced from beginning to end…

“Fuck gravity! Blow it up! In this grave world of greed, injustice and trouble, we’ve got to learn to love ourselves and each other. We are strong, beautifully diverse, layered beings – each and every one of us – yes, that means YOU too! And we hold visions of utopias in our hands. From birth, to death, to rebirth, we sow our seeds of hope & revolution. Together, we will overcome trauma and division. We don’t care what ‘type’ of women we are, we’re planets, we’re SPACE GIRLS!”

– Cata Pirata

10622707_779381912097447_8492115463413434753_n 10001295_10152849653569723_4142625997273955542_n

Gaff E life – Part 1

In the last year, I have journeyed to many magical places on this planet. I captured a few of them and made a film…

It is to be projected at an exhibition in Shanghai next month

The last shots with my moon sista Lexi were taken in my old bedroom in London

Enjoy this taster into my every day life… Welcome to Gaff E world!

Gaffy&Lexi-Stefy Pocket (17 of 23)

Picture by Stefy Pocket. Wearing crochet designer Katie Jones threads

Radio Rental video

Seven years ago when Drugmoney and I first met, we wrote a track called Radio Rental – Let’s Go Mental. Not long after my superstar brasilian friend Edu K did a remix for it.

Fast-forward seven years to when I was in Berlin last where I decided to make a video for it.

It’s a track that always makes me smile and dance. So I present to you this video and track if you haven’t heard it. You can download it for free HERE

Hope you like our freak out strobe dance session!

Dancing in the dark is the best…….


The Edge

So Kirin J Callinan & Donny Benet went live on Italian television to debut a song they wrote & performed together, entitled “The Edge”

The footage was shot and mixed direct to tape by maverick direttore Alexi Ferrari (Kylie Minogue, Coldplay, Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders)

Watching it for the first time, I was transfixed by every beat and shape made…


Kirin just gets better and better… So proud of him!

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 13.06.39


Are you ready to be transported to another dimension?!

Let us guide you!

My seriously next level intergalactic friends Kimatica have a new show reel out which I am happy to say I am part of

(I am one of the deep sea space creatures – see below)



Fizzy Fingers Perfect Runway

After spending the last two weeks offline climbing mountains in Tasmania and presenting a new show at Adelaide Fringe, I arrived in Melbourne yesterday to shape down the catwalk at the Perfect Runway fashion show for one of my favourite designers: Fizzy Fingers

This new collection- AZUKAR BAZOOKA – designed in collaboration with Mexican artist METEORO blew me away… When I saw these designs, I felt like I had been transported to my ultimate rainbow paradise I had created in my head!

It brings me joy to be part of something so special and full of magic and I adore seeing my friends taking their creations to the next level

I think what I’m trying to say is… You rock my world Rutter!

Here are some shots I took backstage before the show…




It is with great sleazy delight I inform you that I am performing along side my friend and hero – CHRISTEENE this Saturday night in Sydney at Oxford Art Factory thanks to LOVECULT2000

If you don’t know of her by now, it’s time to get with the program and embrace the queen drag terrorist of the underground of RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

It’s time to wake up world and taste, feel and love one another again living each moment like it’s the last

I will be performing my new song – Don’t Copy Me for the first time with my back up dancers GANG OF SHE and let me just say, I haven’t been this excited about a show in a while…

Prepare to have your eyes and ears awakened!

African Mayonnaise is my favourite music video ever… When you take what we do to the people on the street, it’s the real life moments which are the best. You can’t script and make that shit up, it just goes to show how scared general society are of anything different and visually expressive in the flesh, hiding behind their screens…

Let’s go freaks… CAN’T WAIT!!


Going for Gold

During my last trip to Berlin, I made a fashion film with designer Jackie Taylor for her new collection full of Egyptianesque headdresses, mirror-balled bling and masks called Going for Gold: Beeeast and I were fully body painted in gold while a film crew from Arte Tv was interviewing me for a special on Tracks ***watch here*** 

Below are some of my favourite shots by Jacob Hopkins from the look-book along with the short film.

Enjoy the golden journey!

IMG_1617 IMG_2455 IMG_6347 IMG_2252 IMG_2592 IMG_2486 IMG_0765-2



Cosmic Serpents

Skip&Die have a fresh super stylin’ music video out called Cosmic Serpents

It is directed by my sista of techni-colour and singer in the band: Catarina Aimée Dahms and I love everything about it!

Never boring, enjoy this visual feast!


Mermaid sista shoot


Here are some taster pictures from a shoot I did in London with green haired mermaid goddess Lexi Laphor aka FEMMEASFUCK. I styled us out in Katie Jone’s crochet pom-pomtastic threads and did our makeup, then Stefy Pocket photographed us. We made quite the all-star feline team!

Expect more soon…

Gaffy&Lexi-Stefy Pocket (14 of 23) Gaffy&Lexi-Stefy Pocket (1 of 1) 2 Gaffy&Lexi-Stefy Pocket (31 of 53)Gaffy&Lexi-Stefy Pocket (23 of 23)



One week in Tokyo and I feel more inspired than ever!

Highlights include: making my favourite music video to date wearing dream outfits (courtesy of the next level shops in Tokyo – DOG, Kitakore & GARTER) with film maker Aleksandar Dragičević starring super stylin’ kawaii goddess Hirari Ikeda and playing a rad gig thanks to Chida from Ene records.

I spent the spare time I had, getting lost in the big city, appreciating the never ending supply of manga and sacred traditional gardens.

Below are some photos from this trip. I look forward to my next one there…

I am now residing in Australia for the Summer to create in the sunshine!

Until next time…

image image image image image image image image image image image



Gabriele D’Annunzio Vittoriale

If you don’t know of the great italian writer from the 20th century – Gabriele d’Annunzio, look him up cause he is one fascinating man

I was taken back at just how extravagantly he lived when I visited his incredible residence- The Vittoriale degli italiani (The shrine of Italian victories)

I adore his style, elegance and how over the top everything is

The scared gardens, the battleship, the huge trawler ship and many planes on his land are all to be admired

Here are some photos from my time there…

An experience I’ll remember forever!

image image image image image image image image image