My Bad Sister – Dazed & Confused

Check out My Bad Sister’s super fresh feline gangsta video for their new hit Dazed & Confused



Maude Adams and All Those Children

I am tickled to present to you a footage from our Chico Latino themed night in the NYC Downlow at Glastonbury this year…

I am part of the dance troop- Maude Adams and All Those Children and, in this video, we shape an extravaganza to remember for Janet Jackson’s What Have You Done For Me Lately

Everyone looks amaze. I am so lucky to be part of such a fierce fun movement


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.37.05 PM



Recently I collaborated with some of my great Australian friends Elvis Di Fazio & Glitta Supernova to make a fun 70′s inspired silly soft porno


Glitta is responsible for my glamourous transformation. Big love to them, Beast & Fadi for such a fun creation

Gotta keep it fresh! Enjoy…

(next level image by Elvis Di Fazio)

solo noi web

Crop Top Fever video

Excited to say… I have a fresh video for your viewing pleasure of our new track- Crop Top Fever!

Under my direction, it was shot by Jimi Mased, Jo Lamont & Dommy.H on my most recent travels to Yogyakarta and OZ with some of my freaky fun friends

It stars none other than two of the Trippple Nippples front-ladies – Qrea & Harue along with Thom Bullock’s sweet hair flickin’ daughter Uma and Sydney-based performers Emma Maye aka Betty Grumble, Stelly G, FlowJobs, Joe Pol, Beau Kirq and my Italian superstar Beeeast

Editing & post production is by Graeme Passmore

Special thanks to Estate of Mind for my outfits and Beau Kirq for helping with the make-up. I wear some of my favourite designers- Emma Mulholland, Katie Jones & W.I.A Collections (among others)

Gaffy_3 Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 4.29.48 pm 10385075_10203018109948982_579041554_n




NYC Downlow 2014!

Another footprint in time to remember…. another fun cosmic time at Glastonbury 2014 in Block 9 at the NYC Downlow

Four days full of love, fierce shapes and pure disco from Horse Meat Disco (and friends)

From the depths of homosexual sleaze… We lured everyone back to a utopia of what it was like to party in New York City in 1989

With a “badass” reputation to uphold… I feel we nailed it and I am proud to say I have been part of such an amazing project for the last five years. There’s nothing quite like performing from both the balcony (with fellow trans as back-up go-go dancers) to a field full of munters and on the main stage with our dance troop: Maude Adams and All Those Children (successfully performing a total of THREE numbers this year!)

Big ups to everyone involved in making such a beautiful thing happen and MASSIVE respect to my colourful sis Carley Hague for dancing each night away with her bubba full in her tummy

Below are some shots I took from my weekend werk-in there. POW!

IMG_4714 IMG_4717 IMG_4724 IMG_4727 IMG_4730 IMG_4735 IMG_4738 IMG_4739 IMG_4734 IMG_4740 IMG_4746 IMG_4747 IMG_4752 IMG_4756 IMG_4759 IMG_4776 IMG_4778 IMG_4781 IMG_4783 IMG_4800 IMG_4803 IMG_4816 IMG_4820 IMG_4817 IMG_4822 IMG_4823 IMG_4824 IMG_4826 IMG_4827 IMG_4828 IMG_4830 IMG_4832 IMG_4842 IMG_4846 IMG_4848 IMG_4858 IMG_4866 IMG_4878 IMG_4883 IMG_4886



Below is a taster from a series of films by the next level designer Nathan French

We recently shot it in Brussels

Stay tuned for what’s next….!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.03.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.04.07 PM

Beauty Project: Film

This past month, I have been part of SelfridgesBeauty Project

Below is a short film they made for it. I am, dancing around the streets of Soho…

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.38 Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 1.04


The director of the film - Kathryn Ferguson - was a delight to work with: I had a lot fun on the shoot!

More to come soon with the full update of my involvement in this project…

Frank Goes BANG video out now!

I am proud to present to you a dream video come true…

I recently spent time in my hometown Brisbane and shot a video for the song I wrote about my dad and his truck – The Bandag Bullet!

I shot it with two school friends – Rob Norton & Sally Freeman. It felt so right to make it with people who have known me since my youth

Going back to my roots…!

Working with dad creatively was an experience I’ll never forget. It’s hard to explain what I do for a living to him, especially as he does not use the internet

I gave him the low-down the night before on what we were doing and prepared him..

On the day he followed my directions perfectly and didn’t resist as much as I thought he would!

The roles were reversed when I patted him on the back at the end of the day and said to him, “Hey dad, I’m really proud of you” – what a one in a lifetime sensation!

I hope you enjoy our day together and the video/song dedicated to him…….

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 5.20

Cosmic times

I’m excited…!

I just received these photos from a fashion show I modelled in for a collaborative collection called House of Broken Doll  by Rubbish Fairy & Lady Gonzalez in France recently…

Shots are edited by Picturaline – a photographer from Toulouse

Cosmic times in a galaxy far far away!

10259393_10203893423919310_1418531984_n 10264587_10203893429599452_1809595619_n 10264742_10203893429159441_2130272096_n 10268209_10203893429479449_1873542641_n 10178175_10203893428279419_186270791_n 10253199_10203893428599427_38926487_n

New Collection from Nathan French

I present to you, my talented friend- Nathan French and his Lookbook AW14

I would describe this collection as: Epic Beauty

See below for yourself!

1 3 6 2 5 7 4

Performance in Lille

Two Saturdays ago, I performed a special live show in Lille with My Bad Sister & Beast at a party called Catch Me! If You Can

I’ve been wanting to join forces for an extravaganza with the twins for a while now, so it was so great to see a dream coming true!

It feels like the beginning of something rather exciting….

Below are some of my favourite shots:

DSC_0322 DSC_0329 DSC_0335 DSC_0343 1233037_831163216897851_1205588905_o 10010258_831163683564471_995451344_o

Fresh track: Don’t Copy Me

I recently spent time in the Australian Blue Mountains recording this new track Don’t Copy Me with next level

outta space producers EST ET NON

It was a great pleasure to collaborate with them and hope we have more sounds for you in the future!

Below is the track inspired by the unoriginal cyber copycats out there…

The next day after recording, we performed together in Sydney and let’s just say I was fully into their

extraterrestrial analogue show!




The world needs more of this. Bring on the message of love and support for our brothers and sistas in Russia!

With super stylin’ House of Drama represent.


More more more! Enjoy and share!


Uslu Airlines

If you don’t know about my friend’s make-up brand Uslu Airlines already, check it!

I wear her bright nail polish and lipsticks all the time. I love the mega matte colours!

Below is a montage of shots of me sporting her colours and creations loud and proud…




Fizzy_studio_shoot_02_2014--9 IMG_1761

1094510_10151799311354769_429168850_oIMG_2112 IMG_9945

New MEGA Ω MEGA video!

I am excited to present to you a new video from my sista project MEGA Ω MEGA for our track Discrimination of a Nation

We shot it late last year on the streets of Paris with an army of colours

The track is inspired by our everyday fight in expressing ourselves through style and colours

Shout outs to every super star involved in making it happen!

Below are some behind the scene shots I captured…

IMG_1597 IMG_1623 IMG_1638 IMG_1641 IMG_1643 IMG_1614IMG_1646 IMG_1679 IMG_1686 IMG_1688 IMG_1690 IMG_1758 IMG_1770


´Viva la colour Revolution´ LADY GONZALEZ

My feline pal Lady Gonzalez has a fresh video out for her Spring 2014 collection

Check the colourful vibes below…!

1002134_689067024448965_1120786295_n 1622257_693174137371587_568177990_n

Glynfamous – Homosexuality

It is with great delight that I present to you my fabulous friend Glynfamous and the release of his debut hit single – HOMOSEXUALITY

It was a real pleasure to be part of the video and the end result makes me proud of the dedicated neon tran team involved

Enjoy the sound, clip and some of my favourite images from the making of…

1904059_10153817494700387_2003392783_n 1908001_10153795409790387_2081515704_n



(stills below are of myself and the magnificent fluro tash that belongs to Beast)

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 12.55 Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 12.39


Elena Stonaker

The moment I discovered Elena Stonaker and her ridiculously next level creations was a special day!

I absolutely ADORE everything she dreams and creates

I would describe her work as: cosmic techni-coloured designs made for psychedelic goddesses

If you don’t know of Elena already, see below some of my favourite images of her work


1392070_910411920514_1198180173_n Carly_Gallery_05.17.13-29_oElena-Stonaker-FINAL-EDITS-1-7-13-17_o LEAD

-3_o Elena_fall_invert_6_o -4_o


I cannot wait to meet her in the flesh and combine colourful forces some time this year. Yeahhhh!!


Dream video with dad

Four years ago, I wrote a song about my dad and his infamous truck The Bandag Bullet

Dad holds the record for the fastest truck in the world and is in the Guinness Book of World Records

You can watch the record being set HERE

Since the moment I wrote the track – Frank Goes Bang – with Dmoney, I dreamed of filming the video with dad and the truck some day, capturing him in his element doing extreme burnouts with flames roaring

Today, that dream came true

The team consisted of myself and two school friends Rob Norton and Sally Freeman. We had a 7am start and less than two hours to capture the shots I had in my mind of dad and me being silly, tough and real alongside the Bullet before the crowd got there to watch the big show…

…and we did it! It is quite surreal when you picture something so vividly for so long and actually see it come true in real life

I even got dad to dance and show off some of his black belt karate moves. Pow!

I am proud of him for taking directions so well and also Rob and Sal for bringing good vibes and professional attitudes

Below are some winning stills of the day

Usually I don’t show behind the scene shots before a video comes out but the Bandag Bullet is no secret so enjoy…!

IMG_3113 IMG_3117 IMG_3119 IMG_3121 IMG_3124 IMG_3127

Desert Designs in Paris

In summertime last year, I went for a stroll in Paris with my friend Isabella Melody Moore

As I’m sure you know, I am a big fan of my friend’s label Desert Designs

I took a bunch of their threads out with us one day and did several outfit changes while Isa documented

Here are my favourite shots from our big day out in the sun…



isa cake000046

000053 000045

A couple of weeks later, we went for another stroll in a park in Paris, this time with my creative partner Ylva Falk

Below are my fave shots Isa took on this day… Hope you enjoy our colours in the wilderness!

desert-designs-mc-gaff-e isa 000044