Tuttii Fruittii LadyBoi Hair Sculptors

Colourful feline London based club kids Tuttii Fruittii & Toni Tits are proud to present their 2k17 AW Lookbook video celebrating IDENTITY PRIDE and HAIR FORCE which features My Bad Sister.

ENTER into Deptford's Underground Street Warrior Squad ✊🏽🌚✊🏽

Featuring Tuttii Fruittii LDN's Unique LadyBoi Hair Sculptures & Visions, Braid Skills by @HairbyJoel / @ayymos and Make-Up Visions by @candykonklondon aka. Toni Tits and Tuttii Fruittii assisted by Amber Mcquillen.

I ran into the duo in the looks featured below in my first days back in London last year killing it on the streets of dirty Deptford.

Strong looks and talented hair sculpting. Book into their new salon for fresh neon styles the sooner the better! 

Image below is taken from a shoot I did with Tuttii Fruittii and Stefy Pocket back in the day!


CAMP QUEEN at Secret Garden Festival was A HOOT! It was like being at Glastonbury in the NYC Downlow but on the other side of the planet. I adored WERKing with a stellar cast of some of Australia's finest queer performers and appreciated the time and effort that went into creating such a special space in a sea of normcore.

A highlight for me was when Aaron Manhattan put on her headset and hosted a George Michael tribute on the main stage with all of us back up dancing clip-clopping around teaching the crowd some camped-up choreography. The whole event for me was one big twerkathon. A platform for ultimate freedom and self-expression. Here is some footage from my live performance and some photos I captured from my time there… Enjoy!


I can't have imagined a better way to enter the new year! I feel privileged to be part of such an amazing, caring and loving community who embrace me every time I return...

What a gorgeous time I've had in Sydney over New Years. It began with my great friends Gusburger aka Dreems and Thomas Von Party dancing, eating salads and creating together in their temporary studio located in the jungle over looking Parsley Bay. Then New Years evening itself I was graced with the presence of my dear freaky friends Aaron Manhattan, Betty Grumble, Joe Pol, Matt Format and Beau Kirq who make up the super troop collective GANG OF SHE at my favourite bar in Sydney The Bearded Tit followed later in the night by me DJing and performing at the Heaps Gay NYE bash at the Imperial Hotel. I had so much fun connecting and playing with the crowd in amongst a sea of disco, encouraging them to get naked with me. New Years Day entailed me DJing at a shit-hot new party called Stranded Sundays at the Newtown Hotel and then last but not least… Club KOOKY where I did a live performance with my soul sista Betty Grumble! 

I came home last night with a body full of pain from giving it my all. Kooky left my heart feeling totally full to the brim of pure love. So many free beauties dancing the night away expressing themselves in ultimate form. 

Here are some photos from those 24 hours… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New release - COLOUR ME CRAZY!

There's no time like now!! 

I present to you my first release COLOUR ME CRAZY from my new album GET REAL!!

My wonderful inspiring friend Sue Kreitzman wrote the lyrics. I heard her recite the poem at her birthday party two years ago and I fell in love with it. I had it on my mind that I wanted to make a song with her and she was delighted at the idea so we went for it and filmed the video in her mind-blowing techni-coloured palace with my sistas My Bad Sister & POW LOBA!

Big ups to my great friend Jamie Cruisey for helping me produce the album at The Park Studios. It's been a whirlwind journey getting to this point doing everything as a DIY artist. Massive thanks to everyone involved in making it happen.

COLOUR ME CRAZY is available to buy HERE on bandcamp


Artwork by Louisa Foley

Un-Royal Hackney Empire EXTRAVAGANZA

A much needed celebration of freedom, creativity, alternative cabaret and the thriving London queer scene!

On the evening of 4th November, a special event called the UN-ROYAL VARIETY took place at the gorgeous theatre; Hackney Empire. An extravaganza FULL of London's finest performers including Lords of Strut, Le Gateau Chocolat, Peter & BambiBourgeois & Maurice, Maude Adams and All Those Children and many more! The highlights for me were duchess Diane Chorley and the Prince Harry chem-sesh and my favourite part to be involved in was as a naked lizard slithering around to Blondie's Rapture with Princess Diana played by Black Gold Buffalo front woman - Keziah. 

I feel privileged to be part of such an incredible event. It has been seven years since I first met and joined forces with Jonny Woo and he continues to be a shining beacon of light who inspires me on a daily basis. I was beaming with love proud as punch come the finale of David Bowie's- Heroes sung live on stage with all the stars of the night.  

Our east-end London queer community stands strong and the Un-Royal Variety is a great example of how life can be if we all support, create and love one another. 

Evenings like these are more important than ever before to celebrate the freedom that we DO have. Below are some pictures I took mostly backstage on the night… Enjoy!


Niki Killick's new collection is out of this world and is without a doubt, her finest creation yet! Last weekend, I had the delight of modeling and performing on the catwalk for Alternative Berlin Fashion Week for my cosmic sista, designer and mermaid goddess NIXI who pumped out fourteen next level looks and stole the limelight with her psychedelic designs. Super proud of my sis of the rainbow! 

I performed my new song Colour Me Crazy live on the runway which is to be the first release off my self released new album and is out very soon! 

Below are some of the pictures I captured along with a couple of my live I found on Michael Wittig's blog. Extraterrestrial colour tribe comin at ya!   


This last weekend gone, The Glory held a ground-breaking event that went for three whole days at the National Theatre in London hosted by Jonny Woo and John Sizzle. I was involved on the Sunday performing, life modelling and dancing with drag icons Aaron Manhattan and Jonny Woo. It was a free event with an abundance of nudity, absurdness and raw talent and I could tell most the public had never seen anything like it!

The stage was hosted by my favourite London space - The Glory and had an all star lineup of every living east end alternative drag queen and king. It was something special I am happy I flew to London to be part of. Who would have thought something so outrageously queer could happen in such a prestigious space! 

I have to say my favourite moment was when Aaron Manhattan leapt from the stage and gently picked up a well groomed poodle and started dancing with her followed by a catwalk along the bottom of the stage. In my eyes, it was a priceless moment in drag history! The best thing was, the dog was into it. I'm a big time animal lover and it was beautiful to watch how Aaron pulled it off giving the dog love and affection while styling it out in front of a hundreds of people. Ten out of ten!

A happening like this is so important right now in these dark times. It was amazing to see so many people come together to celebrate gay and drag culture. I kept thinking, this is just too good to be true!! 

Here are some photos and a video I captured of the finale of the extravaganza starring Le Gateau Chocolat & Jonny Woo with their hit show - A Night at the Musicals…!






Four years ago my great disco loving friend Marcus King recommended a festival his pal Albion Venables had started located in a Swedish forest… I have now performed and DJ-ed at Camp Cosmic for the last four years holding the experiences close to my heart.

I have never seen another festival like it. It is small, special and FULL of magic where you can find the best music you can hear on planet Earth! You can find a blend of obscure cosmic disco and rare sounds from every genre along with many live analogue performances. Artists come from all over the globe to share their collections. The Camp Cosmic family is strong and the core who play have been there since the beginning. I danced day and night and my goodness did it feel good!

I am so thankful to Albion and all those who help putting something so beautiful together. It is rare and it is to be commended.

Here are some photos I took from my time there this year… Enjoy! 


For the last six years, I have danced and performed in the only gay venue at Glastonbury at a weird and wonderful queertastic space set in the 1980's in New York City called the NYC Downlow in Block 9. It was a pure delight to be able to grind, twerk and twirl to the soulful sounds of Horse Meat Disco and friends along side some of the greatest living drag queens: Jonny Woo, Aaron Manhattan, Olympia Bukkakis, Lucy Fizz, Jacqui PotatoGinger Johnson +++ co 

This year was more intense than others for a number of reasons. Firstly being the mud. I have never seen anything like it… One night when I attempted to be a punter for a second and got stuck in a herd of munters, I heard the security yelling out - "Hold onto each other, look after one another..."

I also was going through the realisation of what the result of the referendum could mean on the outside world and trying to come to terms with the loss of two friends in two weeks. One to cancer and the other took his life two days before Glastonbury started. 

I needed to start the healing process but wasn't sure how… I had an overwhelming experience when I watched my strong sistas My Bad Sister take to the stage and smash it on the Hell Stage. I cried the whole time feeling their strength and what they were going through in their personal lives. I then had to go "werk" in the Downlow. I found it tough at first because I had an energy I had not felt before… It was so strong and I needed disco, not deep house. I felt the dark energy  transform into something great as my prayers were answered when The Black Madonna arrived on the decks and played one of the most amazing sets I've ever heard. I danced my blood sweat and tears away and made love to that dance floor with many thanks to my great friend Lottie who was really there for me that night. The healing had begun… 

The following night I performed in the female only space called the Sisterhood at 2.30am. I was feeling the strongest I had ever felt up until this point and was ready for the release. I dedicated the show to my badass friends My Bad Sister and began the show in a mask, semi-clothed only to accidentally remove my weave on song one, declare the power of the space by performing completely naked for the first time and twerked in the mud. I yelled WE ARE STRONG AND WE ARE WOMEN during Lizard Tits as I pulled my tampon out!!

I have never felt so raw. It is a Glastonbury I will never forget. 
A deep and powerful experience I will take to the grave…
Here are some pictures I took over the weekend. Feel free to share them. 
As artists, we are lucky to be able to create our own realities...
Sending pure love into the universe. Stay real and true
Love Gaff E

Back in action!

After being offline for over two months, I'm over the moon and beyond to be back and communicating to the world through colour in cyber-land again!

I've been wanting to share with you the art I made in Berlin late last year. I had some of the heads displayed in the Sameheads shop window for three months in an installation I called FACELESS then I made a few more and they now rest in the window at ROSE TransformationSalon in Neukölln. I also made a video with them for the song I did with Est Et Non - Don't Copy Me

See images below and get in touch if you're interested in owning one or exhibiting them!

Photos taken by goddess Viviana Druga